Social Media trends for 2014

9 01 2014

The Social Media Today website recently published a very interesting article on UK Social Media statistics for 2014.

Some noticeable trends that interested me:

  1. Facebook’s growth has come to an end as it is now fully “mainstream”
  2. 40% of Twitter users prefer to simply read content and use it as a way to curate news feeds
  3. LinkedIn is by far the most effective social media platform for driving visitors to corporate websites which also reflects a move away from using LinkedIn as an online CV
  4. No confirmed user statistics for Google Plus
  5. Pinterest and Instagram are growing quickly but from very small bases
  6. Snapchat and WhatsApp are growing also, especially among younger age groups

What struck me most, however, is the lack of hard statistics for most of the platforms. One of the great strengths of digital marketing is its ability to provide measurable numbers but they seem to be sadly lacking here.


Pinterest: should we care?

15 05 2012

It is the new big thing in social media. Everyone seems to think that brands should be on Pinterest but nobody seems to know what to do, how to do it or why to do it. There is also some speculation that Pinterest has peaked due to a slight decline in the number of users recorded recently.

Some numbers
Pinterest has circa 10 million registered users. Almost all of these are in the US. The most recent figures I could find indicated only about 200,000 users in the UK, for example. I could find no figures for Ireland but it is reasonable to suggest that it is probably only a few thousand at best.

About 9 million of these users signed up through Facebook accounts. This is interesting because it shows that Pinterest is not really bringing new people to social media but simply drawing from the same pool as Facebook and others. Is there an element of boredom with Facebook?

Women are in the majority on Pinterest. The numbers vary but it seems that active users are 80% women and 97% of Facebook likes for Pinterest are from women.

Pinterest and Ireland
Apart from lots of beautiful pictures of Ireland only two Irish brands have set up their own boards. These are Easons and NUI Maynooth. It will be interesting to see what response they get. Two Irish media outlets have added “Pin it” buttons to their sites. These are Silicon Republic and Storyful.

I would suggest that if your site is very visual with lots of good pictures then it might be worth adding the “Pin It” button and see what happens. If you see some results then consider setting up your own board, assuming of course you have the resources to manage yet another social media account.