Marketing Campaigns

2 05 2013

Marketing campaigns, and in particular the current Sky TV and Broadband campaign, were the focus of the Marketing Breakfast on 1 May 2013. Mark Anderson of Sky Ireland talked the audience through the current campaign featuring Pierce Brosnan. Three things struck me from what Dave said.

Firstly, radio is hugely important in Ireland

Mark made the point the Sky adjusted their media buying to include more radio than they do in the UK. This is because radio is such a popular medium in Ireland.

Secondly, social media is difficult

I think we all know that social media is hard to do. Sky’s experience is that social media frequently turns into a customer service channel and a very inefficient one at that. This is a real challenge for social media.

Thirdly, integrating sales and marketing is not so hard

Sky simply sit their marketing team right in the middle of their call centre team so that the marketing team can hear the issues that customers every day.

Watch my interview with Mark to learn more.


Banks aren’t all bad

24 05 2012

This is an excellent campaign from KBC Bank in Belgium. Not only does it show the bank in a good light it also helps to do real good and create a sense of community. A huge step up from the typical “if you ‘like’ our Facebook page we will put you in a draw for some tickets” approach to engaging with customers. Well done to TBWA Brussels and KBC.