Promoting your app

22 11 2013

A second post on the mini conference organised by Techspectations in DCU on mobile marketing concerns how to promote your app. These tips were provided by Conor Winders of Redwind Software.

Firstly, if you have the money to promote your app then spend it. Advertising is a key way to tell the world about your app. Conor particularly highlighted that ads in the Facebook mobile app deliver high conversions rates. He estimated an advertising cost of €5 per install.

Secondly, and to my mind more importantly, provide an excellent user experience. If your app delivers for the user then this will help reviews and encourage people to recommend the app. A few things to consider when looking at the user experience:

  1. the app should be intuitive. The user should be able to find their way around the app easily and explore its features
  2. avoid tutorials or other ways of guiding the user as they just get in the way
  3. watch and learn. By monitoring how people use the app you can learn how to make it better

Thirdly, get noticed by Apple. If you get featured by Apple in the App Store then your downloads will multiply. To get noticed by Apple use the latest Apple technology (so that Apple can use you as a showcase) and offer exclusivity to Apple.

Fourthly, build a website to support the app including images and video.

Finally, optimise your app store listing with a great icon, a good selection of screen shots and well written text


Facebook App Checklist

22 07 2012

At a recent Digital Marketing Institute members event Andrew Weld-Moore of Facebook gave some very candid advice to anyone considering creating a Facebook application. He recommended the following three questions need to be answered.

Do you need an app to engage with your current fans (or to drive new fans to your page)?

Do you want to host a marketing campaign on Facebook?

Do you have a budget to promote your app?

Each of these questions is designed to see if you are best positioned to benefit from a Facebook app. Do not build an app just because you can and definitely make sure you have a promotional budget. Your budget should be 20% to create the app and 80% to promote it.