Digital Marketing Trends 2013

23 01 2013

I was listening to Colin Lewis on The Persuaders radio show recently. He was there to talk about the upcoming DMX Dublin digital marketing conference which he is actively involved in. While on the show Alex Gibson asked him about his views on digital marketing for 2013.

The key point that jumped out at me was the growth of analytics. He was talking about the incredible amounts of data that the Obama 2012 campaign had on individual voters. The success of that campaign was based an amazing insight into individuals and how they might vote. Colin described this as micro marketing and, ironically, it required far less social media and much more direct contact with the voters. If you want to know more about the Obama 2012 campaign you can hear Teddy Goff, Digital Director of the Obama campaign speak at the DMX Dublin Conference.

The other trends that Colin highlighted were:

  • Everything is digital now; it is central to how you engage with customers
  • Agency models are rapidly changing – niche agencies tend to be more innovative and are moving into the mainstream
  • Email is still highly relevant – it is usable and measurable

The podcast of the show is available from The Persuaders website if you want to listen to it.