Android v iOS

22 08 2012

I attended the Mobile Marketing Conference organised by the Digital Marketing Institute recently. It was a very interesting morning and the key take away for me was that mobile marketing is relevant for all organisations and all budgets. Mobile marketing can be as simple as an SMS message or as complex as a major app.

An interesting side discussion I had was around why iOS customers spend more than Android customers on apps. Three theories were put forward.

  1. The slicker user experience on iOS encourages consumers to engage more and therefore buy more
  2. Android users are more likely to be on pre-paid accounts and therefore are more cost-conscious
  3. Android users are geeks and therefore are more likely to be interested in the technology rather than simply buying apps (this theory courtesy of Anthony Quigley)

While theories 1 and 2 are very factual I really like theory 3. It kinda makes sense in a strange way.