Is Twitter dying?

21 06 2012

I am intrigued by the sudden rise in discussions on social media and its future. Why is this? I think it is driven by several industry issues such as the seeming failure of Google+ and the problems with the Facebook IPO.

The real problem I believe is that digital marketing evangelists have always promoted digital channels on the grounds of better ROI and better information. The old adage of ‘50% of my advertising works but I’m not sure which 50%’ does not apply to digital marketing we have been repeatedly told. What is happening now it that companies are realising that social media is not a magical solution to effective marketing communications but is actually a complex channel that requires a high investment in resources to regularly deliver really good content. Companies are starting to realise that social media might not be worth the effort.

So back to my original question: is Twitter dying?

In the ‘yes’ corner: limited reach, stagnant growth, poor engagement (40% of Twitter accounts have never sent a Tweet)

In the ‘no’ corner: Twitter users do follow brands, sales have come from Twitter accounts, higher spending power of Twitter users.

If you are interested in a good overview of why social media is not the silver bullet it is made out to be read this article from small business can.

Mintel 2015 trends

1 06 2012

On Thursday 31st May the Marketing Institute of Ireland and Mintel presented a special breakfast briefing on trends towards 2015. Apart from the more obvious ones around the increasing use of smart phones and mobile internet the following points struck me.


We will see an increase in the use of mobile phones for monitoring our health. Our phones will alert us to any changes to our vital health statistics and may also warn family or health care professionals of any significant changes.

Phones will allow us to monitor elderly relatives or children more easily.

QR Codes

Simply directing customers to a corporate website is not good enough. QR codes will have to provide real information such as diet information for food products.


Western nations are proving reluctant to use mobile phones for purchasing or banking. However countries such as Brazil and Kenya are embracing m-commerce.

Digital detox

Too much connectivity will lead people to seek ‘digital detox’ where they get away from being constantly online for a period. This could be an hour in a wifi free cafe or a weekend away to rejuvenate.